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Come experience:

-How it helps you to recognize new solutions to your problems.

-How it interrupts the stress-feedback loop

-How it can help reduce pain

-How it connects the heart and mind

-How it neutralizes negative energy

-How it helps memory, emotions and motivation

-Forms new memories associated with learning

-How it gets stagnant energy to flow

-How it purifies the blood so disease is less likely to occur

-How it increases the ability to plan, reason and use judgment

-How it strengthens your magnetic field 

To align with abundance is a transformational shift.


Abundance in health

-with relationships

 -with money  

-with goals

I have had 11 years of training

*creating a healthy nervous system *improving the digestive system

*reducing anxiety/depression



*how the body holds these patterns 

*how the brain holds these patterns


*I teach extra supportive simple things to do at home to keep your alignment

Learn the entire technique with 6 months support

for only $888

After taking many energy classes I have found that the Abundance Alignment Technique

is the most simple and yet powerful modality.

ANYONE can easily learn!  

Request to learn live with me anytime!

I have often taken only one student through the training at a time!


*I've added over 500 other concepts to the AAT program. In fact, other AAT teachers have chosen to take classes from me.

Do you feel that you are stuck or

blocked from moving forward? 

Lets do something about it!

Experience an incredibly powerful session as I combine information from many energy healing techniques during the Abundance Alignment Session.

Receive two hour

for $175

**If you don't use the entire 2 hours, you can have a follow up session or use that time experiencing a different modality any time in the future!


 S. Ose


"LoriKay is a gifted facilitator. I was impressed with the thoroughness of AAT and felt incredible release. She spent careful attention developing the statement to align to. Although I am finding more areas where I feel blocked LoriKay is helping me with that as well and I feel peace each time I remember to use my anchor."

 J. Taylor


"LoriKay has an amazing gift and ability to connect with you. She has an immense capability to create positive movement forward and release things that may be holding you back."

  P. Smith


"I can't tell you how much better i have been since our last session. I feel like a totally new person. Its been so nice to be so light hearted."

Enlightened Life Path

Lighten Your Load | Bring Light to Your Path

LoriKay Coleman