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Smarter Drops TM

The Most Comprehensive Self Improvement Program Leading to Health and Wellness

We are constantly improving, researching and formulating new and better ways to achieve success for our customers. Smarter Drops™ are the product of many years of seeking to understand how the positive and negative experiences of life, whether inherited or our own, affect our every day health and wellness. Almost every function of our body is performed automatically without conscious thought. What if we could communicate more effectively with the intelligence that runs our body? Could we improve our lives much, much faster? The answer is YES!

Each Smarter Drop™ is filled with vast libraries of information related to 13 specific areas of our lives. If we were to read every book related to allergies, for example, and took only certain knowledge related to our individual circumstances and then applied it, we would move forward at a much faster pace.

One of the most challenging things in life is to filter out all of the unnecessary information we come in contact with, while seeking to find the necessary parts that apply to the improvement of our individual circumstances. We recognized a simple yet direct way to communicate with the body and present acquired knowledge to the intelligence allowing it to achieve balance at a faster pace.

Blended with proprietary new technologies and some of Mother Earth's finest ingredients, SmarterDrops™ provide anyone the opportunity of improving their quality of life. While using SmarterDrops™ you might be amazed at the experiences you have while taking these drops! Customers are saying after completing the whole program that "life is just not as hard or as complicated as it used to be" and "my ability to function is much easier".


This SmarterDrop™ is essential for anyone who wants to change negative habits or beliefs of the past or present, whether these beliefs are yours or are inherited generationally. This could include anything that would be holding you back from making positive changes in your life. This drop also works with beliefs that might keep you from succeeding in your financial and personal life and works on feelings of competence, worthiness, intelligence, acceptance, perfection, empowerment, safety, fear, language and many more. Includes crystal technology which centers you in yourself, and re-aligning cellular structures to a time before disease existed. These are LIFE CHANGING and can help empower you in areas never before tried. A must for everyone! Can be taken with AuraLighte©.


This is a great SmarterDrop© for releasing feelings of depression, anxiety, panic, suicide and the feeling that you just "can’t go on". This drop also balances the chakras and opens the communication pathways, balancing and stabilizing the interplay and interrelationship among the various pertinent levels of the Central Nervous System. It balances the body when one perceives him or herself to be under siege from outside. Stabilizes the body so the person won't close down, detach and scatter. Enhances the individuals appreciation of his or her own inner knowledge. Supports the mechanism which allows the body to receive the soul's input and insight. Balances and stabilizes the body on all physical, emotional, spiritual and mental levels as it moves forward in life. Excellent alternative to anti-depressants. There is a silver lining in that cloud after all! Can be taken with AuraLighte©.


This SmarterDrop© is a must for everyone! It works on the usual illnesses that many of us get such as flu-like symptoms, sore throats, coughs, colds, general fatigue and the other nasty"bugs" that spread like wildfire. Works on eliminating amoebas, parasites, mycoplasma, bacteria, viruses, and much, much more. Including gem technology, this SmarterDrop© helps to increase patience and acceptance and combats oversensitivity. It is good for people who push themselves too hard compromising their immune systems. Helps with encouraging discipline and reliability and develops a pragmatic approach to life. Helps aid concentration on the matter at hand and brings flexibility and tolerance to the mind while combating anger and emotional stress. BugBgone© helps increase energy throughout the body, eliminating chills and can help aid in calcium absorption and restores elasticity to discs in the spine. Get the Family Size and have enough for the whole family!


This SmarterDrop© is amazing for eliminating the damaging neurotoxins and chemicals from the body that surrounds us each day no matter what we eat, wear or put on our bodies. It supports the skin, respiratory system, kidneys, urinary, the eyes, liver, cellular metabolism, the brain and lymphatic system. Includes crystal technology which enhances visualization and harmonizes the emotional, mental and spiritual knowledge at the center of your being. It is beneficial for those who are sensitive to weather or pressure changes. Detoxifies, cleansing gall, bile and bitterness from the physical and emotional levels of being and re-energizes the emotions. Supports the liver, spine and pancreas. Invigorates and recharges. When taking this SmarterDrop© make sure you keep yourself hydrated and use a chemical flushing agent such as Liquid Zeolite or DMSA to eliminate the chemicals in the body.Can be used with AuraLighte©


This SmarterDrop© creates a sense of well being and works on the emotions from A-Z, communication issues, and helps to rebalance during depression, increasing a vital re-attachment to life and assists in eliminating victimization. It also includes the healing properties of essential oils, gems and Flower Essences as well as generational healing and geopathic stressors. ChippyCheeryDrops© restore the ability to see the positive in one's life and environment restoring emotional stability during times of extreme stress. Rebalances the adult or child after a nightmare and assists in the ability to translate daily experiences into positive processes. Restores change to the person who experiences fear and resistance when faced with a daily routine. Helps to eliminate shyness and phobias. Creates a feeling of inner peace, clarity and calm and just helps you feel, well...chippy! Great for the whole family! Can be used with AuraLighte©.


has been formulated to address the many different ailments that can affect the teeth, gums and jaw, including TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint) problems and cranial sacral issues. Many illnesses and disease can stem from the teeth and this SmarterDrop© helps the body deal with those problems. This SmarterDrop© works with every tooth and the emotions and organs that are affected and connected to each one. The molar teeth are connected to the thyroid gland which relates to the breast and the source of motherly love, so any root canal in this associated tooth should be thoroughly examined. The breast is extremely sensitive to estrogen and xeno-estrogens, with many pesticides having an affinity for the fat tissue within the breast. The breast is also very sensitive to ionizing radiation and x-rays. Can be used with AuraLighte©.


This SmarterDrop© helps your body kick out many different diseases that are rampant all over the world that can cause debilitating life time illnesses. This drop works with the endocrine system, immune system, cell structure, lymphatic system, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, the brain, liver, muscles, soft tissue, kidneys, urinary and all detox phases. This SmarterDrop© addresses emotional setbacks such as having a fear of the present, not able to face what is going on, hate what you are seeing, feeling unjustly dealt with, refusing to see the beauty in life, feelings of hate taking form, and built up feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness. It also helps with increasing the need to have empathy, being generous, honest, relaxed and open. Includes crystal technology which brings about cooperation and harmony. Can be used with AuraLighte©.


This is fantastic for those with food allergies! It encompasses over 300+ different food items from Apples to Zucchini and most everything in between. It also works on allergies to pet dander and house dust. Includes crystal technology which harmonizes the body, stimulates the body's natural healing system and heals cellular memory. This SmarterDrop© also works on various geopathic stressors, and unblocks nutrition within the body. It supports the immune system, skin and bones, removing the fear of death, gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispells apathy and motivates you for success in business or other matters. We have noticed that after taking these drops ADD, ADHD and other focus issues seem to disappear. Great for anyone! Can be taken along with AuraLighte©.


This SmarterDrop© addresses the negative effects of Lyme’s Disease which has become the number one misdiagnosed disease in the country affecting entire families. This disease (Lyme's) mimics the symptoms of MS, fibromyalgia, Alzhiemers, dimentia, Parkinson's, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis , Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and more. It can be passed from person to person through all bodily fluids and acts like an STD (sexually transmitted disease). This SmarterDrop© supports the adrenal system, the hormone androgen, and addresses the negative effects of heptachlor. On an emotional level this drop supports a stressful life and shedding unnecessary baggage. It enhances courage, relieves stress, calms the mind and encourages a positive view, discouraging over analysis and anxiety. Aids the organs with elimination, strengthens pulmonary and circulatory systems and increases resistance to toxins and pollutants. It supports the liver, heart, stomach and spine. Works well with AuraLighte©.


If you suffer with seasonal allergies this is the drop for you! It works on a wide range of pollens including flowers, grasses, weeds, shrubs, trees and molds, and has the information of Flower Essences for emotional balance. This SmarterDrop© will help you with hay fever, runny nose , swollen or puffy eyes, scratchy throat and on an emotional level helps with long standing negative feelings, a lack of understanding of self, no sense of self, anger at self, an inability to understand your own emotions, feeling no mercy for self, inability to accept the "now", and a fear of being one's self. Helps with psychological healing and for overcoming writer's block. Assists the immune system, bruises, swelling, infections, chemotherapy and over-alkalinity. Eliminates brittleness in the bone structure from overexposure to radiation, improving the absorption of minerals, impacts the skeletal structure, and enhances cellular tissue. Can be taken along with AuraLighte©.


Addresses the muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, vertebrae and most things that would cause your back to hurt or be out of place. It helps the body release the muscles and soft tissues that are protecting your spine when it is out of place and allows it to naturally go back where it belongs. Works with the vertebrae, nerve segments, bone related
hormones, and bone remedies. Includes crystal technology releasing anything that could be holding you back, particularly ingrained beliefs. SpyneToonUP© is helpful if you are feeling vulnerable and too easily stimulated by others. It facilitates rational analytic thought and the decision making process and enhances communication. Protects the body against radiation induced disease, detoxification, digestion, tumors, the ears, eyes, nose, mouth, sinuses and throat and fungal infections. The body is amazing and can fix itself with just a little help! Can be taken with AuraLighte©.


This SmarterDrop© works from the top of your head to the tip of your toes and everything in between. It works through communication pathways, creating an emotional empowerment to instill harmony within the body mentally, emotionally and physically. Includes the healing properties of several crystals which enhance intuition and meditation, releases inhibitions and allows the soul to express itself. It is excellent for exhaustion, depression or panic attacks. Strengthens the meridians of the body, alleviates viral infection, and heals the whole body. Energizes the heart and draws out talents and stimulates creativity. Excellent for relaxation and peaceful sleep, enhances fertility, reverses infertility caused by infection and guards against sexually transmitted disease. Reduces claustrophobia and nightmares. Can be taken with AuraLighte and SpyneToonUP©.


Can be taken after getting vaccinated to help alleviate symptoms that accompany the vaccination or if you want to help protect yourself from those who have been vaccinated, this drop is great. 300+ vaccines are out there affecting peoples health. It also works with the brain, polarity, stress on the organs, pathogens, hormones, autism, cell structure, the nervous system, peptides and the reproductive system. Includes the healing properties of crystals which facilitiates integrity and enhances self-esteem. Helps to see the "bigger picture" and encourages you to follow your own truth without conforming to group pressure or the ideas or ideals of others. Boosts the body's self-healing systems and supports the lymphatic, immune and metabolic systems, the liver, gallbladder, spleen, muscles and bones. This SmarterDrop© is essential for working with the illnesses that have been cropping up recently in our country, especially any kind of respiratory problems. Can be taken with AuraLighte© .


Every one of us has an aura surrounding our bodies. It is the rainbow colored energy signature that all living things have. Sometimes you can produce a “leak” or a “crack” in your aura that is caused by negative thinking, negative influences that can invade the body or through sickness or disease. AURALIGHTE© keeps the Aura strong and helps to give the body a shield or protection against the “leaks” or “cracks” that can occur. This drop has the information of 10 different crystals from Iron Pyrite to Blue Quartz to Kunzite and all the wonderful properties that they possess to help the body keep the Aura strong. Formulated to work specifically with every SmarterDrops© it should be used daily for best results. We have had wonderful and amazing success with this drop! AURALIGHTE© should be taken for 3 days and then a 2 day break for 4 cycles and can be used as needed. When experiencing excessive stress or health problems, a 2 day break is not necessary and can be taken continuously. Instructions are on the bottle. At a very reasonable price of $12.00 this is a drop that you can always have on hand! Must be taken orally.

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