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  T. Smith


"I have food sensitivities that cause a lot of challenges and I aligned myself to eating something that should have triggered digestive distress, headaches, muscle tension/pain, fatigue, rashes and insomnia BUT had no reaction other than burping. I needed to re-anchor just about every 5 minutes when I felt the beginning of a symptom coming on or a fear about a symptom. I was SO amazed that I was able to have freedom to enjoy the simple pleasure of eating a dessert while on a date with my husband. 


I have also "aligned" myself to my husband and I can now find enjoyment things that he likes to do that use to bore me. I enjoyed doing a puzzle with him for a few minutes and attending a baseball game with him. It is so fun to see the subtle shifts."

  B. Cargo


"I recently got divorced after being married for 27 years. I was heartbroken and was having a very hard time letting go. I couldn't stop grieving the loss and move on with my life no matter what i tried. I was able to have 3 sessions with LoriKay. After the 3rd session I was able to let go.  The tremendous weight I had in my heart was lifted and I was able to move on with my life. This is the text that I sent her after my last session."

  L. Maureen


"Thank you for our wonderful session today. I came into it with a very heavy, heavy heart. I am leaving feeling so light and refreshed. Feeling the Spirit and feeling love and joy and hope just like what I was wanting from the session. I didn't believe it was possible beaus of how low i felt. But you helped me through it. You are very capable, you have a God given gift. Believe that you are making a difference, because you are! Your hard work is working! Love ya! Thank you again!"

  Y. Cordon


"It has been a month since my last session, and I am still feeling the same way. She was able to zone in on exactly what I needed to release and deal with. i was able to find what was holding me back and let God heal my heart. I have recommended her to my friends and family. I recommend her to anyone that needs healing from the inside out!"

  K. Green


"I came to LoriKay after going through a child loss. From there other deeper issues popped to the surface. She has been aligning me for a couple of months now and from the very first session I got day and night results. Things in life, professionally and personally started to flow, I became more aware of my situations, the causes of them and how to accept them and work with them instead of being a “victim”."

  N. Mark


"Lori has this amazing soul, patience, smile and gifts that I truly appreciate and forever be grateful. Always looking forward to our next session."

 J. Gaik


"I purchased LoriKay’s 6-month Transformational Freedom Premium Program to assist me in becoming more peacefully content, calm and accepting in the presence of some relationships. I learned several of her techniques, but one that specifically stands out was the Abundance Alignment Technique. I achieved a very powerful shift in my reactions and/or triggers that truly brought me what I was looking for, peace, calm and acceptance. LoriKay is also very flexible and is very diligent to meet your needs. Midway through the program I had a very personal journey with my ailing and ultimately, dying father and LoriKay was there with me every step of the way. She assisted both of us with all her healing techniques and helped make the journey so much more peaceful and accepting. What really makes the program unique is you almost become like a lifetime member once you’ve completed the program. You gain all the knowledge of all her healing tools and can come back to LoriKay for a deeply discounted session. LoriKay is an extremely compassionate, caring, intuitive soul. Her program offers so many more unique techniques for all kinds of life struggles. The value truly outweighs the program price. It’s been one of the most positive experiences I’ve endured thus far in my 55-year life. Thank you for your love LoriKay!."

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