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LoriKay uses guided imagery as a general self improvement.  As a guided imagery facilitator she helps relax you into a comfort state where you have easier access to your higher self and your higher power. This is a state of intense learning.  

To get into this state she uses words and intention you would simply use your breath. The mind follows the breath and the body follows the mind. In just seven deep breaths the parasympathetic nervous system can relax into this state. 

LoriKay will ask questions to determine the kind of language that would best support you during a journey and have you watch a 10 minute video called, "The Theory of the Mind" giving her time to create a relaxation script with the language that will best serve you.

She will usually do a guided progressive relaxation and count from FIVE to ZERO to bring you to a resource state where wisdom and healing can be accessed. LoriKay is a support to help the experience feel empowering and reiterates the positive experience and truth that you have spoken about during the experience. She reinforces the positive beliefs into the subconscious. This in turn expands your consciousness as you continue to easily connect with your source of Light and Truth.  

Each session is 50 minutes

First 3 sessions for only $100

1st session- connection, questions, Theory of Mind video, connect with "Safe Space".

2nd session- connection, intent, Guided Imagery to Safe Space and connection with a wise and loving guide.

3rd session- connection, intent, Guided Imagery of choice.

Optional Journeys

Solution to a Problem Journey

Two View Points- choosing between two options

Inner Child work- reparenting, experiencing joy

De-Stress- resolve stress in body and life

Inner control room

Forgiveness and moving forward

Journey of Discovery

Talk to the resistance

Cleansing with fire and water

Discovering new territory

Enlightened Life Path

Lighten Your Load | Bring Light to Your Path

LoriKay Coleman