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There are many names for this field where profound change can be made.  It can be called the quantum field or for some its called yoga nidra.   It is different than Hypnotherapy and NLP, but also does profound work.   It does support someone deeply in reprogramming the subconscious.

Quan.TM releases stress of any kind to help deprogram emotional scarring and the related subconscious programming. It also helps with any form of distress that overwhelms the emotional equilibrium and physical well-being.

During the session you are brought to a healing, therapeutic proactive meditative state where you access the communication between your conscious and the inner most layer of your subconscious mind that hold all truth. During the process an emotional charge is gently released from the body which creates space from the traumatizing person or event. Now these heavier experiences no longer have the same power over you which minimizes the resistance to allowing healing to be fully integrated.

By the end of a session profound peace is experienced as well as deeper understanding and connection to your essential self and higher power.

A session can be done in a zoom platform, but a quiet peaceful environment is needed during a session where you lie fully clothed in a comfortable position with knees and neck supported by pillows. You will be taught how to measure the level of lock-down you are holding in your mind and body and to move the negatively charged energy patterns out of your system. LoriKay helps facilitate the session by dropping into the quantum field.

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LoriKay Coleman