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Brain Balancing

What is Brain Balancing?

Balance Your Brain and connect more easily to applying knowledge and making decisions. During a session the autonomic nervous system is balanced (the part of the brain that deals with hormones, digestion & blood pressure) and the emotional part of our brain that affects how we interact with others. Balancing the meridians is also part of a Brain Balancing session as well as making sure that your energy is authentically yours. We often get overlayed by others energy. Experience the essence of YOU and come get connected to the beauty of What is there.

There are aspects of our brain that holds judgments, the need to control, & our fears. Other aspects help us connect to creativity, healing, gratitude & peace.  There can be blocks that keep us from experiencing those positive aspects. 

By accessing brain points & inviting blocks to dissolve, space is created to respond more graciously to daily circumstances.  It can help with beliefs about money, control, communication, fear & sadness and so much more.

During a Brain Balancing session I also clear a total of 24 brain processing centers. One of which deals with what you are attracting into your life and another that holds things which recreate the same experience over and over. Other processing centers deal with us feeling kindness, gratitude and being able to FEEL calm and peaceful! Its a beautiful thing!

Disclaimer: Any products or therapies in this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are intended to improve health.

Jenny L.

Lori Kay has many talents that she combines to help heal. Every session with her has given me more energy and better health.

T. Hatch

I do feel more grounded and eager to do my list of things that need to be done today. I felt more of a release of burdens I was carrying.

Sharon O

LoriKay did a brain calming technique for me because I have been in an extreme state of stress and anxiety.

Enlightened Life Path

Lighten Your Load | Bring Light to Your Path

LoriKay Coleman