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Do you feel that you have tried everything and that your problem will last forever because there is no real solution for your unique challenge?

LoriKay has a myriad of alternative healing tools that bring balance mentally, emotionally & physically and loves teaching others so their brain & body functions more optimally.

She loves sharing specific actions that bring balance to all FOUR bodies--Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual. 

LoriKay does sessions over the phone as well as in person. She is certified in Foot Zone Therapy (similar to Reflexology) and in Investigating Health and uses this as well as other additional training in multiple other energy clearing modalities during her footzone sessions. 

She has taken classes that teach healing modalities from around the world and in time hopes to combine her Foot Zoning with marma points (where the spirit interlaces with the physical body) and sen nadi lines (that help balance hormones, emotions, and enhances both spiritual vision.)   

She teaches Transformative Active Meditations, does Guided Visualization, and can help her clients access the Quantum Field to make profound changes.  

LoriKay has taken Hypnotherapist Certification Training and Heart Based NLP Certification Training from Dr. Nasrin Parsian and is a certified SHIFT Facilitator.

LoriKay is also certified to teach the Abundance Alignment Technique and in 2017 completed 2 Advanced Investigating Brain classes which help bring a new depth to her practice.  In the brain classes she learned to energetically work with Primitive Reflexes and to integrate muscles.  She has also worked closely with multiple naturopathic doctors learning many helpful techniques. 

Offering the support that she wished she could have had during her physical healing and spiritual journey; she now offers 6 month transformational programsShe loves to include "Soul Weather" as part of the program (a form of astrology helping understand the core wound, the life path and how to turn weaknesses into strengths.) 

Soul Weather also helps her client have deeper understanding of the lessons that can be learned "right now" and how the present "weather" (energy from the heavens) is affecting on a personal level.

If you can't fit into my calendar in a timely fashion, please email me and I can see what I can do to fit you in more quickly. 

Experience a 30 minute brain calming session for only $30.


Who is LoriKay?

LoriKay has been married to Scott since 1989 & graduated from BYU in 1991 with him. She was an elementary school teacher for 2 years before having her first son. She now has 4 wonderful children. She always thought that she would go back to teaching when her youngest child was in school, but the severe health challenges she faced for 4 years after having her first 2 boys put her on a different path.

LoriKay has had the opportunity to grow while learning natural things to help with her health challenges. Some of those learning opportunities have been from depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, Epstein Barr, fibromyalgia, food sensitivities, migraines, and severe skin rashes and blood sugar related issues (hypoglycemia, gestational diabetes, glucose intolerance.)

She has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Hashimotos, but is symptom free from all of the above ailments because of applying lifestyle choices, nutrition and energy work. She also does physical things for herself to keep optimal function in the lymphatic system, fascia, muscles, brain and nervous system.

For 25 years the right people have shown up in her life helping her to achieve another level of health. Taking Footzoning Training in 2010 is where she started making leaps and bounds in her knowledge as well as ability to help others. She is always learning more skills all the time.

She now emphasized and incorporates teaching about the importance of life style (including eating habits) with meditation and mindset.

It can take time to unravel a problem or get to the core of a physical, mental or emotional challenge. When we learn the lessons of our trials, then they can be lightened or even removed. We are very much like the layers of an onion or a ball of yarn. It has taken many years to get to your present situation but there should be a level of peace & improvement felt after each session, especially if you are in tune with your body.

LoriKay's teaching and facilitating help others move forward with ease to do what is deeply desired. She offers opportunity to work with her closely as a transformational coach that helps people take back their health through vibrational medicine and the power of the mind. She also helps release the grip of negative subconscious programs so self sabotage stops.

She teaches the "Abundance Alignment Technique" which is a simple but thorough system that eliminates blocks, reduces pain and aligns subconscious beliefs as well as the body's cells to be in alignment with the goal that is desired. In one way it helps your body and mind not act like its pushing away the things that are helpful and addicted to what is not helpful. She is happy to teach one on one with students and give monthly support.

Book a 30 minute free consultation to chat about the possibilities for your individual needs.

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