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Enlightened Life Path

Sometimes we just need someone to take our hand and show us a different way.

A way that brings peace, joy and happiness.

A way that helps us experience a journey...

to find the light within...


If we don't support these areas, we will always be searching

The most important truth I have come to accept is that I was created for greatness and so were you...

I had to realize that I was not a product of my past "stories," what others thought of me, or the challenges of what I was facing at that moment.

I am in charge of me and how I choose to experience what I am going through.

Do not live as I did for so many years. The hurt, self-doubt, overwhelmed, and the physical pain, hold you back from who you are and what you were meant to become.

You were created for greatness and I want to show you how to find this beautiful gift you hold inside. I want to help you learn to be in control of whatever situation you are in.

I desire to help you recognize your divine potential, have revelatory clarity, confidence and personal power while being compassionate toward yourself and others.

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Enlightened Life Path

Lighten Your Load | Bring Light to Your Path

LoriKay Coleman