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 Grace A.


"Thank you for the foot zone! I woke up this morning with no pain and just a little bit of stiffness. Woohoo!!!"

 Lora H.


"The mental clarity is SOOO enjoyable, and keeps surprising me. 🤣 It's either been so long or so gradual I had forgotten what it was like to think so logically so much of the time. And my back pain is less. One happy camper here."



"Several of my immediate and extended family members have gone to Lori-Kay for foot zoning over the past few years. We have had positive experiences working with her and her bright and peaceful personality. My mother in law said that "Lori-Kay is the most wonderful Foot Zoner that she has been to and uses many modes of energy work that she has extensive expertise in."

 Annabel H.


"I have had the opportunity to receive footzoning from Lori-Kay Coleman on several occasions. One of the most enlightening sessions was when she discovered that my esophagus was damaged. This prompted a visit to the doctor and the healing she initiated has taken place. Having a follow up footzoning session 6 months later shows no problems with the esophagus. Recently she worked on the area affecting my right shoulder where I was experiencing pain that radiated down my arm. Since the session I have noticed a steady decrease in pain in that area."

 Karl P.


"It feels good having Lori-Kay work on me. It always makes me feel happier and I sleep much better afterwards. One time my ears had been clogged for weeks and they drained during the night after I had been footzoned."

 Sharon O.


"LoriKay did a brain calming technique for me because I have been in an extreme state of stress and anxiety. I slept very well afterward and didn't wake up feeling fear, panic and dread. I even exercised the next morning just because I felt like I wanted to!"

 Debi M.


"I love Lori-Kay's foot zones! I have done reflexology before and foot zone is like that, but much deeper. I felt all the relaxation from the foot massage, and I also experienced physical and emotional releases. Lori-Kay seems to know the exact spot to work and focus on. Each foot zone is different based on what my body needs at the time. I also love how she incorporates the use of essential oils in the session. I highly recommend Lori-Kay for foot zoning."

 Kathi O.


I've had a half dozen reflexology treatments in the past and thought I had already found the best thing that I could find- UNTIL I found Lori-Kay and her Foot Zoning! It became clear to me that Foot Zoners have much more detailed & intricate training and that this was ten times better than any reflexology. Lori-Kay is very friendly, very easy to work with and right-on in the information that she shared with me. I would recommend her to anyone.

 Lauri F.


I love my FootZones! The first one I had I thought, "Well that was nice, but didn't do much. . ." until a couple hours later when I had an emotional release. I was so surprised! Another time she pulled some pain right out of my ankle. . . . in minutes! I love it!!

 Kayleen Stanek


"I received my second foot zone from Lori-Kay Coleman today and it was great! She found a few areas for me to work on physically, emotionally, and even some issues that were stuck in my generational DNA. I love having my feet worked on, and Lori-Kay does a great job of balancing the body systems and finding hidden opportunities for healing and growth. Thanks so much!"

 Annette Lunt


"Lori-Kay Coleman you give amazing foot zones. I always feel more balanced and peaceful after."



"Zoning is the ultimate foot massage that balances the mind & body. Since I suffer from chronic health issues, zoning rejuvenates me by significantly improving my stamina, body aches, and overall emotional well-being. Zoning =Best Money EVER Spent!"

 Anette S.


"Lori Kay is a gifted healer who is caring and insightful. She addressed my issues with depth and perception. I found an abundance of new feelings and hope for healing old patterns,

She followed up and offered me additional breathing and grounding exercises so I could continue to improve. I found myself looking forward to additional sessions with her."

 Louise B.


"Today's session with Lori-Kay cleared my mind and energy gently and completely. Her insights were calm, patient, and totally accurate. The methods she used boosted my feeling of being on track in my life. I highly recommend her to everyone who wants to let go of doubts and fears and feel happy and stress-free. I look forward to our further sessions to ensure life gets better and better! "

 Jenny L.


"Lori Kay has many talents that she combines to help heal. Every session with her has given me more energy and better health."

 Lenna S.


"Simply amazing benefits." 

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